A description of Frederick Douglass's life-Summary

The "Frederic Douglas Life Summary" section below briefly discusses three sections of the book

The descriptive part of Frederick Douglass's life is more like a map that defines the way people can follow when they want to free themselves from slavery. At the beginning, Douglas is a slave, as he was born to a subordinate mother on a plantation known as the plantation of Colonel Lloyd. During his time in the plantation, the terrible things, for example, seeing their own aunt, Esther, are evicted; he does not know his father, he is allowed to stay with his own mother for some time, and is denied the opportunity to attend his mother's funeral (Doglass, 2000)

The second stage of the story begins with the fact that Duducal, who was 7 years old at the time, is going to work for the new owners of Baltimore. In Baltimore, Douglas begins a new life with new experience, as the region is for him as a new world. It is located in Baltimore, when the Double finds the benefits, the power and the importance of education. He was very lucky to receive an education under the guidance of his master's wife, who volunteers to teach him how to read. Even though the master's wife teaches him to read, the master is not satisfied with this number and continues to quarrel with his wife. It is at this point that Douglas finds that slavery exists because of the ignorance of the slaverylike slaves. He decides to find ways to read. As Douglas grows up, he decides to fight for his freedom

It is at this point that Mr. Douglas decides to send him to work for a merciless master named Conway, who is also known as "slave" because of his brutal acts of slavery. At the first time Convey would destroy the spirit of Douglass to free himself. This continues until he prefers to die and not be a slave (Shmoop, 2010). Duducal, for two hours, is fighting Conrage when he was defending himself from the fact that he was beaten by Condus. Conway decides to leave him alone and never double "Double". The narrative continues as "Douglas" from one master to another until he can make his way to New York and Massachusetts. For some time, Douglas has achieved his dream of becoming free to never rest until all forms of slavery have been abolished. In his efforts, Douglas can write a story about his life to give other people an opportunity to find a way out of slavery

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  • Frederick Douglass's narrative portion of the life cycle presents very important, relevant and even reliable messages. A descriptive story about Douglas's life proves that slavery really existed in America. Many people can view this book as an anti-slave propaganda, but in real life slavery existed in the form in which it was placed by Douglas. This story remains one of the most important historical documents, as he is unscratching as American subordinates like Douglas, who lived, experienced and even had to go through it. The book also shows how Douglas fights freedom from slavery. All slaves are told that there is a way out of slavery (Trotman, 2011)

    Moreover, it would enlighk both black and white at the price of ignorance of education, as it makes people slaves educated. In addition, the main purpose of Douglas is to educate the white about how easily they can be depraved by the practice of slavery, and thus not as contrary to Christianity. The narrative of Frederick Douglass's life translates it into people who have been created in the same way, and so you can decide how and who he wants to be in the future. He also explains that education plays an important role in human transformation and development. "Douglas" believes that education plays an important role in his fight for freedom, as he enlights him and has changed his view in life. In the end, Doublass discovered how he suffered under the chain of slavery

    In addition, the book shows that the United States government at the moment "Duglass" is actually legalized in slavery. In addition, the American nobles considered the slave a less valuable commodity and, therefore, three fifths of the man. Douglas compares the American hero Henry to the slaves, as both of them are ready and willing to die for their freedom

    Many people admire the courage of Douglas to fight for their freedom. Douglas, as young as he was at the time, laid down his life and strength in the fight against slavery. He's moving on to illuminate his own free slaves, how to free himself. Many people love Douglas's desire to learn how to read at a very tender age. The life of Frederick Douglass is an inspiring narrative goal to change the opinion of many young people who hate education. In the narrative, it is clear that they will ignore education, but ultimately, the slaves of others. Many also love the fact that Douglas is willing to put his life on a map to completely abandon slavery

    However, many people do not like the fact that old Americans, especially whites, are ill-treated with blacks. The descriptive information about Frederick Douglass's life does not apply to the fact that even the government supports slavery as long as the black man is involved. These acts are manifestations of racism, as well as inhuman treatment of blacks. Quirks working in slavery actually show how the lower black people were watching during that time

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