How to Make a Simple Diet Plan

Over the years, millions of pounds profit have been made by companies peddling supposed revolutionary diet plans that can help you lose more weight than you ever imagined. Favourite examples include the Maple Syrup diet (a delicious mix of water, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and lemon juice!?) and the Chicken Soup diet (eat as much […]

How to Get Fit Outdoors

Getting fit outdoors can be a great option for those wanting to increase their activity level. Everyone is different, but some find the monotony of the treadmill and the confines of the gym walls demotivating and would prefer to increase their health and wellbeing in open surroundings. There are a number of benefits to getting […]

How To Choose A Personal Trainer

A personal trainer can be a fantastic way to receive expert guidance and assistance to achieve your fitness goals. Nowadays personal trainers are experts in both exercise and nutrition, combining this knowledge to help clients achieve optimal results. Deciding upon hiring a personal trainer to assist you is the first step in the right direction. […]

Healthy Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Ideas

The intention to embark upon a healthier lifestyle is one that should be applauded. However, making the change can often be the difficult part. Those with a limited knowledge of nutrition often struggle to lose weight, as they are not sure what to eat and when. A fitness trainer is a good way to get […]

EMOM – Looking For Some Variety In Your Workouts?

When it comes to fitness training, the last thing you want is to get bored with your workouts because you’re doing the same things day in day out. We’ve talked in the past about High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Tabata and the masses of benefits and variety these workouts can bring, but if you’re looking […]